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The Fibonacci numbers F(n) are as follows:

F(0) = 0,   F(1) = 1,   F(2) = 1,
and all further values of F(n) are defined by the simple recurrence
F(n)  =  F(n − 1)  +  F(n − 2).

The Fibonacci sequence is quite famous; it is sequence A000045 in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, where you can find lots of additional information. Many authors omit the zeroth term F(0) = 0, and so the Fibonacci series is often considered starting with the term F(1) = 1. The values F(n) appear as diagonal sums of binomial coefficients in Pascal's triangle.

This online calculator computes the Fibonacci numbers F(n) for input values 0 ≤ n ≤ 50000 in arbitrary precision arithmetic. So, for example, you will get all 418 digits of F(2000) – a very large number!

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