Doing Math With JavaScript

This section of the website contains
• JavaScript calculators for prime factorization, arithmetic functions, etc.
• Short math essays (here JavaScript & the browser may be used as computation tools)
• A list of my more formal publications
• Code examples and notes on various aspects of JavaScript math.
(See also the JavaScript Numbers FAQ for more information.)

Number theory and arithmetic functions:
divisors d(n), sum of divisors σ(n), totient φ(n), prime factorization

Prime factors calculator (up to 20 digits)
Euler's totient function φ(n) (up to 20 digits)
Divisors calculator: σ(n) and d(n) (up to 20 digits)
Highly composite numbers (up to 20 digits)
Big integer calculator: arbitrary precision arithmetic (10000+ digits)
Binomial coefficients calculator (0 ≤ kn ≤ 50000)

Trial division primality tests (in JavaScript FAQ section)
The Miller-Rabin primality test
Firoozbakht conjecture:  (pk)k+1 > (pk+1)k
Generalized Legendre conjecture:  Is there a prime between ns and (n+1)s for s < 2?
Primes between squares:  How many primes are there between n2 and (n+1)2?
Primes between cubes:  How many primes are there between n3 and (n+1)3?
Stronger-than-Goldbach conjecture:  Large even numbers are sums of prime twins!?

Prime constellations or k-tuples
Maximal gaps between prime k-tuples: gk(p) < Mk logk+1p.
Prime Twins
Prime Quadruplets
Prime Sextuplets

Probability and statistics
Maximal intervals between rare random events
Maximal gaps between Cramer's random primes

Miscellaneous calculators
City Distance Calculator

More on factorization
Factorization of numbers up to 9007199254740992 = 253
• Finding the least factor in integers under 1020 (to be published soon)

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