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Question: How do I change the style of the mouse cursor from JavaScript?

Answer: Most modern browsers support the following cursor styles (hover your mouse over the style name to see the cursor change to that style):

auto        move           no-drop      col-resize
all-scroll  pointer        not-allowed  row-resize
crosshair   progress       e-resize     ne-resize
default     text           n-resize     nw-resize
help        vertical-text  s-resize     se-resize
inherit     wait           w-resize     sw-resize
To set or change the mouse cursor style for an element of your page from script, you can set the element's property to one of the above values. (Alternatively, without JavaScript, you can use the attribute style="cursor:value;" in that element's HTML tag.)

Example. The function setCursorByID below resets the mouse cursor style, given the input arguments id (the element ID) and cursorStyle (the desired cursor style):

function setCursorByID(id,cursorStyle) {
 var elem;
 if (document.getElementById &&
    (elem=document.getElementById(id)) ) {
  if (;

The following demo allows you to change the cursor styles for the highlighted elements (Element 1 and Element 2). In this demo, when you click on the hyperlink help, wait, crosshair, text, default, move, or pointer, the cursor is changed to the corresponding style for the entire highlighted element using the function setCursorByID from the above example. When you click on the hyperlink auto, the cursor for the particular element is reset to its original style determined by the browser.

 Element 1  Change cursor to any of these styles: 
help wait move crosshair text default pointer auto

 Element 2  Change cursor to any of these styles: 
help wait move crosshair text default pointer auto
The actual appearance of the mouse cursor depends on the browser and OS configuration. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 under Windows XP, with Windows Classic theme set in Display Properties, mouse cursors look like this:

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