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Question: Can I play a sound onMouseOver?

Answer: Yes, you can call a sound playback function from the onMouseOver event handler of a hyperlink. Try this example: place your mouse pointer over the following hyperlink, and the browser will start the playback.

 J.S.Bach's Orchestral Suite BWV1067 - Badinerie 

Here's the source code for this hyperlink:

<a href=# 
title="This hyperlink plays a sound onMouseOver."
onClick="return false"
onMouseOver="playSound('Bach.mid');return true"
onMouseOut ="stopSound();return true"
>&nbsp;J.S.Bach's Orchestral Suite 
BWV1067 - Badinerie&nbsp;</a>
The source code of the functions playSound() and stopSound() can be found in the Playing Sound section.

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