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Question: If the user's browser cannot execute JavaScript code, can I display a warning for the user?

Answer: Yes, you can display a special warning for users of JavaScript-incapable browsers. Place your warning text between the tags <NOSCRIPT> and </NOSCRIPT>.

Here's an example:

<H3>This page uses JavaScript</H3> 
<li>Please use a JavaScript-aware browser.
<li>Make sure that JavaScript is enabled.
JavaScript-enabled browsers will ignore everything between <NOSCRIPT> and </NOSCRIPT>. Browsers that cannot execute JavaScript will display your message on the page. The message will be presented to users who disabled JavaScript – as well as those users whose browsers have no JavaScript support at all.

Historical note:

The <NOSCRIPT> tag was not supported by Netscape Navigator 2. Therefore, your message would be visible to Netscape Navigator 2 users even if JavaScript was enabled in their browser.

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