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Question: What number formats can I use in JavaScript code?

Answer: In JavaScript code, you can write number literals and mathematical constants in several different ways:

  • conventional decimal numbers:  0 1 5 137 1.3
  • decimal numbers in exponential form:  6.67e-11 -1.127e20
  • octal numbers, for example:  -077 01234 0312
    Positive octal numbers must begin with 0 (zero)
    Negative octal numbers must begin with -0.
  • hexadecimal numbers, for example: 0xFF -0xCCFF 0xabcdef
    Positive hexadecimals must begin with 0x
    Negative hexadecimals must begin with -0x
  • predefined mathematical constants (properties of the Math object)
Regardless of the number format you use, internally JavaScript stores all numbers as double-precision floating-point values (according to the IEEE 754 Standard).

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